As my business has changed direction so has what I offer, I’ve always supported learning and developing skills with workshops and talks, so naturally I have created specific ones to enhance your journey with Indigo. My workshops are relative to the work I am trying to achieve with your inner energy, your self awareness, building confidence and restoring calm.

The results and feedback I’ve had have been incredible.

#Freedomfromfear – Full Day – £175

This workshop has been created for people who are stuck with fear, been taken over with anxiety, may have experienced panic attacks or are struggling with a significant change in their life. It supports anyone embarking on the ‘Change’ treatment plan, deepening their healing and understanding of fear, enabling a heightened awareness of main contributors, and promoting an alternative to deal with inner turmoil.

During our time together I will be guiding you through different stages to help you connect, embrace and let go of your fears.

I recently gave my regular meditators a taster of the workshop and the response was humbling.

The workshop is productive, enlightening and hugely beneficial.

‘If this was the taster I can’t wait for the complete workshop, it literally blew my mind, I could feel the fear exiting my body, amazing!’ K.Hewitt, Senior Lecturer

#Manifesting Intentions – Half Day – £75

This half day workshop is ideal for anyone wishing to clear their internal debris and make way for new energy, manifest clear intentions and set out achievable goals for the future. I’ve given it the title of an ‘Holistic’ approach to goalsetting, as the exercises are a combination of holistic tools to help define your pathway forward.

The workshop is invigorating, uplifting and empowering.

I attended a ‘Manifesting Intentions’ workshop with #Indigo-Holistics in #Harpenden at the end of 2018 and it was exhilarating. I was in quite a negative place at the time and the motions of clearing out the old has allowed me to focus on the positive goal setting I wanted for 2019. I highly recommend Victoria.’ Angel Ashcroft, Design Manager

‘Thank you for a wonderful workshop. Letting go of past negativies and bringing clarity to our intentions was the perfect way to start the new year. The experience was uplifting, inspiring and empowering.’ Angela, Alternative Education advocate

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