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Accessing within

Happy New Year!

2022 is very much welcome in my world, after surviving a month of covid before Christmas and still feeling the affects, a distraction of newness is greatly received. I’ve had various people asking me what I’ve got planned this year and the truth is………absolutely nothing. That’s right, I’ve no places to be, no one to meet and nothing booked.

I feel very liberated by this, as the year kicks off there’s a feeling that 2022 could be very exciting and I’m so looking forward to the journey of the unknown.

We kicked off the year with a beautiful full wolf moon, inviting us to come back home, to our hub, our security and roots. What we find there is familiarity and comfort, sitting in this will help us to have awareness of gratitude but also remind us that here we are safe, here we are loved and here we can return.

Spread your wings, create your world, play out your truth but always remember to touch base with the beginning!

Try not to make too many plans this year, go with the flow and see where it takes you.

Autumn Breeze

‘There’s an abundance of wealth to be gathered up in the autumn breeze that refresh’s and embraces the season ahead. As the light fades from endless balmy nights of the summer, we prepare once more for the bronze flutters of reflection and intention moving through the final months of the year.’
I loved writing this guest blog, you can read the full version @WeAreHarpeden.

I’ve missed connecting with people through my words or even having the time to put pen to paper. Life has been busy these past few months and I’ve noticed that some areas of my life have been neglected, writing being one, connection with myself being another and finding the balance between what I love, what I do, what I have and what I need. Just reading that makes me breathe a little deeper!

The main thing, however is that regardless of my juggling act I am 100% being true to myself, true to my cause and following what I believe to be my true pathway in life. I spent along time searching for something that wasn’t there over the past few years and then when I changed my thought process the pathway changed direction and presented itself almost immediately, it was as if it had been waiting for me to make that change of direction.

Take the time to connect this Autumn, follow the guidance from my guest blog and let me know how you get on!

2021 I’m coming tO get you!

Happy New Year Everyone!

There is a great flow of excitement at Indigo as we begin the task of creating a year better than the last one but keeping grounded by the lessons we have learnt.

I am ready to set myself free to the rhythm of love and light, sharing my guidance with anyone who is ready to engage and journey with me.

Let me remind you all that you are in control of how you choose to exist, if something isn’t working for you change it, if something has been holding you back change it, if you are stuck in a cycle change it, it is all within you!

There is a lot of new beginnings this year and I will be updating my web and social platforms as much as possible to share them all with you, I’m kicking off the year with some free #meditation sessions, and later on in January I will be introducing #MENditation and #teenageflow.

How are you starting your year?

Make sure it’s a strong positive one!✌️&❤️

Summer solstice 2020

I’m having a very different weekend today and ideally should be @Glastonbury but I will embrace whatever comes my way and enjoy my beautiful family.

Last week was the Summer Solstice and for the first year in many I was given the opportunity to fully embrace the special celebration starting off with my first open water swim in Hertford with the gorgeous Heather @pooltolake_openwater, wow what a wonderful experience, I swam slowly and took it all in. One of the things that kept coming into my mind was ‘why haven’t I done this before?’, but like everything in life it all happens at the right time for you and it was perfect timing.

In the evening I delivered my own Solstice meditation 🧘‍♀️’The longest light’ which enriched the energy of the sun’s rays with our own divine light, we flowed through a reflection, began to manifest an intention and connected light rays together, awesome.

Finally I tuned into the live coverage of ‘Stonehenge’ obviously there wasn’t a lot going on but I enjoyed filling my screen with the ancient stone circle and watching the sun go down, magic💫

Now is the time for new beginnings as we drift on through the summer and the second part of the year, ow is the time to rewrite your intentions and began to work with your inner self to manifest and now is the time to live, taste life, be alive and fill each day with whatever energy is flowing.

Have a beautiful weekend✌️&❤️