‘In the 21st Century, even in countries with no previous tradition of Buddhism, interest is growing among ordinary people’ Dalai Lama (meditation talk)

I specialise in  #breathing techniques #journeying and #visualisations to allow the body to connect to the mind transporting you into a peaceful, calm state where deep relaxation can take place.

Working with the #breath, #inner energies and the #chakra column, my #meditation sessions support anyone who has embarked on the ‘Change’ journey, the meditation will deepen the healing and give more insight into what needs to be released. Equally anyone wishing to develop their mind/body connection would benefit from these sessions. There is also a beginners course for those wishing to explore meditation.

I have delivered to a variety of groups in the UK , Ireland and Europe   including corporate clients, schools, festivals, retreats and cancer patients . My focus is to allow people to experience the power of meditation in a way that relates to their circumstances and environment, adapting how I work is paramount to create a session where everyone can find their peace.

Your meditation journey – Online

Ideal for beginners, this online course begins the connection to your breath, body and mind. A gentle introduction into meditation and mindfulness, helping you to create a safe space to bring stillness and calm into your life.

Emma Alford
5 months ago
The online meditation sessions were an absolute lifeline during lockdown. Victoria would guide and support you brilliantly and I would feel focused and relaxed after each session.

Bookings are available for #private,#individual #corporate, #wellbeing #events and #festivals, please contact me for details.

#Online sessions are available throughout the week with my regular sessions on a Wednesday and Sunday evening from 8.00 pm.

#Live sessions start @7.30 pm.

Online Meditation

Meditation, Breathwork, Energy healing