Indigo crystals

My love for crystals started at an early age, I was always searching in the garden or along the beach for a special stone with magical powers, something beautiful to look at and comforting to hold.

Luckily for me I have naturally and organically paved a way to include crystals into the work I do and over the years, by using different techniques, incorporating them into various treatments or just carrying one with me, I have accomplished that!

Today I have arrived at a point where I want to share with others my love, share my knowledge and create something special and magical! I have united my passion for meditation with my love for crystals and created some bespoke meditation boxes to enhance your practice and develop your own knowledge.

Each box contains a variety of crystals that have been handpicked, carefully chosen for quality and vibrational energy, alongside the incense I use in my meditation sessions and a bespoke meditation just for you to flow through and enjoy, boxes can be purchased in conjunction with memberships, meditation courses or mediation sessions.

There is the opportunity to book a 30 minute session in conjunction with your purchase to educate yourself on the crystals and how/where you can use them with your practice.


Meditation, Breathwork, Energy healing