indigo journeys

Indigo Journeys are the beginning of a new way of life, if you feel like exploring what you are really capable of then there is a new beginning here for you!

Each package has been created with a different destination , take your time to read through each one and see which journey you connect with the most.

Every package is delivered online and 1:1, each includes a 1 hour session and 3 x 30 minute meditation sessions, £95.

Indigo Growth – A journey through your energy chambers to find the next steps in life,establishing your aspirations and developing your skills both internally and externally.

Indigo Peace – Finding a place of stillness from anything that has created inner turmoil, nurturing your emotional, physical and spiritual self to restore peace.

Indigo Freedom – Setting yourself free from past hurts, negative energy and inner barriers. Helping you to regain your true power.

Indigo Strength – Reconnecting yourself with your inner strength breaking through any obstacles that prohibit your life in all areas.


Meditation, Breathwork, Energy healing