Bespoke treatments to create calm, Individual consultation to establish needs, After care to continue good practice.


Bespoke guided meditations to bring clarity, enrich the journey of life and develop a calmer more positive mind set.  Individual, group bookings, festival, retreat and well being bookings also available.

‘I tried my first session with Victoria. Afterwards I remember walking home for the first time in weeks with a feeling of peace inside and there was a silencing of the weight I felt in the pit of my stomach.’ J.Tang

Change Package – #Freedomfromfear

A bespoke individual treatment journey, combining a variety of holistic practices and skills for people suffering with fear, anxiety, panic or  worrying about significant changes in their life.

‘I still have a lot to do but Victoria has ‘unblocked’ my energy channels, not sure how to explain what she did but it was powerful’- Nathalie Aubry Stacey, Social Media Content Creator

Virtual Couch – #Freedomfromfear

Intuitive counselling, meditation guidance and distant healing in the comfort of your own home.

‘Victoria is fast becoming my Guru!’ – Kimberley Pattillo, Special needs teacher and coordinator, Manchester.

BHI – Body Holography Interpreter TM

Energetic healing from the cellular level to the holographic body. This treatment involves divine guidance through our life journey and recognising what no longer serves us.

‘During the session there came a moment when all that had manifested within my body was lifted off me in one fell swoop. A different sensation that took away what I had been trying to shake off consciously and unconsciously for decades’ -Natasha Farrell, Researcher.

Reiki with/without crystals

Japanese art of healing, helping to cleanse the chakras from the inside out.

Crystal healing

Allowing healing to take place through the vibrational energies of crystals, working with both physical and mental ailments.

Your meditation journey – Online

Your energy journey – Online

Coming soon!

All treatments start from £40 but are priced individually depending on treatment plan.

Online Treatment List

Please phone +44 (0)7805 136 792 for more details.

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