This page is totally dedicated to my  project, #Freedomfromfear.

Over the past few years I have researched, retrained, attended various workshops/seminars/events for mental health and wellbeing, gaining a wealth of knowledge and personal experiences from some amazing people.

To date I have helped a variety of clients to overcome their fears and make life changing decisions that at some point have created fear, anxiety and panic.

My motivation for developing this latest branch of Indigo Holistics is to allow people the time and space to be able to make a smooth transition through change in a safe environment using a selection of ‘holistic’ resources. These include intuitive counselling, meditation, crystal healing and quantum echo healing.

Everyone’s pathway is different and life can sometimes throw us a curveball when we least expect it, however, how we react to that depends on our mindset.

To establish your mindset is the first part of the #freedomfromfear consultation, leading you up to the present day and acknowledging repeated patterns or behaviours, from there I can create a bespoke treatment plan to suit your individual needs and assess what will be the most beneficial treatment programme for you.

Change – Individual Treatment Package – £275– (1 month expiry)

Full Consultation (30 minutes)

3 x Treatments (75 minutes each)

2x Check in calls (30-45 minutes each)

Virtual Couch – Intuitive Counselling sessions – £225 – (1 month expiry)

Full Consultation (30 minutes)

3 x Sessions (60 minutes each)

Maintaining Peace – can only be booked after ‘Change’ or ‘Virtual Couch’ package

45 minutes – £40

75 minutes – £70

Calm – One off treatment, for peace of mind and body – £90

Full consultation (30 minutes)

Treatment (75 minutes)


#Freedomfromfear – Connect, Embrace, Let Go – £325

Full day workshop, focusing on connecting, embracing and letting go of our fears.

Your journey will begin when you are ready to make the change!

Meditation, Breathwork, Energy healing