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Time for a break

I just wrote my last post for a few weeks and it dawned on me that this has been the longest period of time I’ve worked without taking a break, it’s also been the longest time since I’ve been anywhere really. However I have been lucky enough to enjoy my open water swimming, connect with loads of new people online, I’ve enjoyed a virtual forest bath, Reggae yoga and took part in a Global healing meditation, I’ve also completed 2 courses and made a good start with a third, even though I thought I was coasting along through this pandemic I’ve actually done quite a lot on reflection.

Anyway….I’m taking a break until September, I’m going exploring in forgotten trails that tripped me into a new life many moons ago, where I found love, strength and a rock. I’ll be breathing in the air that once filled my lungs so deeply I never thought I could leave and when I did I realised a part of that air would always stay with me.

I’m hoping for tastes, textures, adventure and more, I need to refill my tank that has been approaching empty, watch the sun rise, read, create, run, swim, cycle and just flow through the days with the energy I have.

Then I’ll be ready for September! I need to be with so much going on, I have new courses, workshops and a new online meditation session. My work has adapted so much over the past 6 months but I pleased with how it’s flowing and I’m looking forward to the next 6 months.

If you would like to book on any of the courses or workshops please follow the ‘Healing’ page to the payment section, there you will find all the courses, workshops and online sessions.
Equally if you have any queries or questions to ask me please do not hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Namaste x

There’s a buzz in the air…..

I feel you September, the change of temperature, the shift of energy, the autumnal aromas and the piercing light that filters so strongly in the mornings then fades silently away at night.

My youngest started school this week, a brand new chapter for her and for me, I’m gaining more time but feel like a big part of my parenting life is now over and that’s got me feeling a bit emotional!

Fortunately I kinda thought I might feel this way so I’ve been planning my new chapter also and from now till November I’m busy with new projects, various events, and my first retreat in Spain.

‘Indigo Breathe’ begins next Thursday @bodymechanix, and continues on the 19th September, with the 4 week course continuing on the 3rd October.

‘Indigo Heal’ starts back Wednesday 11th September and my ‘Sunday sessions’ begin this weekend on the 8th.

There are still places on the 19th workshop, 4 week course and retreat, so please get in touch.

Embrace any new beginnings, change is good!

April through to June……………

I seriously can not believe my last blog was April, apologies! On a positive note though things are really building momentum which I’m pleased about, my #freedomfromfear project has been starting conversations everywhere, in Hertfordshire, Warwickshire, some Northern counties, Ireland, Spain and even as far a field as Australia, WOW. It’s been keeping me busy and I’m full of gratitude for all your support and spreading the word, it’s so exciting to hear of the changes you’re making to yourselves and how your relationship with the mind is improving.

In May #Indigo-Holistics collaborated with #Jumpnjuice to deliver a beautiful deep relaxation meditation for the mini retreat, it was a great morning with good energy flowing and a lovely group of ladies.

I also completed my #Child Psychology course, with Distinction, woo hoo, delighted with this but it was a hard slog! It adds another string to my bow and everything I have learnt will be transferred into my #freedomfromfear project, understanding the mind starts at the beginning of a life so I needed to go back and re-educate myself! I loved every minute.

My ‘Change’ package has become very popular and is proving to be incredibly effective with people wanting to make a change, the spectrum is very broad from’ building self-confidence’ to starting to eradicate a ‘past trauma’, the journey is not easy but you are supported throughout and have a variety of options to maintain a healthy balance between your mental  and physical state after completion, contact  me for more details.

So onto June……… This is the first year I have offered a #SummerSolstice meditation evening, I’m delivering a special meditation which will bring energy within from the Sun, aswell as taking the time to reflect on the past 6 months and begin to set intentions for the next 6. The event is @HighBeeches school, 21st June 7.30-9.30 pm, £25, booking is now open.

There is so much more to come, don’t forget to get on the emailing list for future updates and Indigo News.

I’ll leave you all with this from our workshop with Monk John yesterday,

‘Spiritual Well-Being’

‘An inner journey that allows you to get to know yourself and find the true self that leads to sustainable personal development for individual happiness and peace in the world’

15 Minutes of meditating a day prolongs your life, try it!


Namaste x



If you keep making excuses, you’re not ready to make the change!

I can’t remember the exact conversation now but this was the conclusion, if people are continually making excuses for their behaviour, their habits, their lifestyle, their weight etc then they’re just not ready to make a change to improve their life. When resistance is stronger than our future vision we need to work on ourselves and get to a point of no return, and when we arrive at this destination the only way to go will be forwards.

I have recently reached this point with Indigo-Holistics and now it’s time to change, luckily I have been working on a project alongside my weekly schedule and I’m excited to let you all know that the treatment part of my #Freedomfromfear model is ready for delivery.

The #Freedomfromfear treatment package is for anyone wanting to make a change in their life, you maybe suffering with inner blockages and are confronted with emotional obstacles which have created fear and anxiety, or you need some guidance and direction into the next chapter of your life.

The treatment plan is totally bespoke and combines a variety of skills including, intuitive counselling, meditation, reiki, energy healing, crystal healing, angel card readings, sound therapy, bach flower remedies, aromatherapy and massage. All individual plans are created through a thorough consultation that allows me to establish physical, emotional and mental patterns, how they have been formed and what is the best way to let go of them.

I believe that by creating a safe environment, you can make a smooth transition through change and eradicate your fear, enabling space for personal growth and to help you continue on your journey to fulfilment.

Change – Individual Treatment Package – £200 – (1 month expiry)

Full Consultation (30 minutes)

3 x Treatments (75 minutes each)

2x Check in calls (30-45 minutes each)


Maintaining Peace -(can only be booked if already completed ‘Change’)

30 minutes -£35

60 minutes -£65


Calm – One off Treatment – £85

Full Consultation (30 minutes)

1 x Treatment (75 minutes)

If you would like more details or have any questions please contact me on 07805136792 or email

Have a fabulous April and enjoy all that delicious chocolate at Easter!

Nameste x





In like a Lion, out like a lamb…..

I love this quote and to be perfectly honest I start every month ‘roaring’ creating my intention list, setting my goals and then getting on with life and seeing what happens. Recently some of my ‘off the scale’ intentions have manifested and now are becoming real so it does work, don’t underestimate the power of intention, write that list every month!

Roaring into March has been easy this year as I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some of my favourite people, and we roared for most the weekend, during one of our infamous reunions, and now……we are lambs, probably for the rest of the week.

This month I am beginning to offer my ‘Manifesting Intentions’ workshop to the universe, so if you are part of a #holistic network, #yoga studio, #well-being centre, #retreat or similar and want your clients to experience this fully loaded holistic approach to goal setting, please get in touch.

I am in the final stages of completing various other projects and will hopefully be able to include them in my next blog, so watch this space.

Wednesdays – Healing 9.30-3.00pm, once a month in the evening 7.30-9.00pm

Sundays – Meditation 7.30-9.00pm

Keep talking, keep breathing x


BHI- Body Holography Interpreter @ Indigo Holistics

After years of meditating and experimenting with mindfulness I have finally made a connection and am currently enjoying engaging with a growth mindset, its only taken me 20 years!!

Just last week I had a moment at the local swimming baths,whilst watching my children, I’d reached a point where I needed to retreat but was not in a position to do so, I sat in the midst of swimming lesson chaos and meditated using awakening base chakra breath and since then my outlook has changed (well for the mean time). I have got my most recent conquest to thank for allowing me to tap into my inner self as and when it’s needed rather than waiting for a clear run so I can have space etc etc. The time is now and when you need a moment you must take it.

This higher level of healing is propelling myself and my teachings into another orbit, the energy that is created through the treatment is created with real conviction, it allows you to eliminate what no longer serves you and transports you back onto your pathway.

Contact me for more details and check out the treatment page for more information.

Enjoy the Month of Love, be guided by what and who you love x


Inhaling 2019!

So the New Year has arrived and we are here again!

On a personal soul searching level last year was epic, the work I put in was worth it, even though  some parts were painful and some challenged me like I’ve never been challenged before. I learnt a lot about myself, my limits, my boundaries (I have very few), my loves and what makes me happy. I took the time to look within and see what was there, I pathed the way for passions to freely explore freedom and I embraced it all.

If I have just one piece of advice that I can give you from last year it would be to just ‘work on yourself’, listen to your needs, fulfil your desires, have the best people surrounding you and never stop dreaming.

This year……………well it’s going to also be epic!

I’ve kicked off this year with my #everydayimshuffling idea, giving people an insight into the different card decks I work with and hopefully inspiring people to start thinking about making some changes in their life for the better.

There’s plenty more happening so keep checking in.

Don’t forget to breath in the New Year, welcome everything that comes your way, it all happens for a reason.





New Workshop 2019

Finally I have had some time to set up my workshops for the new year, the first one ‘Manifesting Intentions 2019’ is making its debut on the 30th December 2018, what better way to start the year than clearing away the debris from the last 12 months and refreshing the mind, body and soul.

There are still a few places left so please contact me for more details.

My #Freedomfromfear and #Calmclouds projects are also building momentum which I’m really excited about, as I feel both will really help all types of people to overcome their anxieties and fears in a way which promotes self awareness and self confidence.

In the mean time it’s approaching December, every time I open my front door there is an Amazon man standing there, you can’t get parked anywhere, my children are adding to their Christmas list daily and I’ve purchased far too many sparkly tops (and only one night out booked so far), yes the craziness is on it’s way!

Remember to breath and take time out as and when you need, don’t allow yourself to burn out to early, listen to your mind and your body always!



Oh my, technology, you have held me prisoner all day but you have not managed to detain me for another second! Sometimes I have all these ideas, create all these wonderful possibilities in my mind, fulfil my dream to spread the love and happiness worldwide, then I realise it’s just me and a laptop, maybe a few gadgets also, but mainly just me.

I have managed to complete 3 out of 103 tasks today, better than 1 or 2!

One of the reasons I have this raw determination is I know it will help people and I want to reach out to a wider audience now, I want people to push a button and have somewhere to go when they need a break or just 5 minutes to breath, if my meditations can do that then I’ll be very happy indeed.

I now have two meditations on you tube, have a listen, like and please share if you feel someone would benefit from them.

Peace and Love x

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day……………….

Even though the Summer to Autumn transition is my least favourite, I always feel a change coming my way. The cold morning chill and the warmth of the September sun bring with it new ideas, new energy and new jumpers!

The last quarter of the year will be my busiest and I’m glad of that, the new school term, birthdays, Christmas and much more. So I’m pleased I was able to have some time over the summer all to myself, I welcomed the peace once I realised it was there. I even climbed one of my favourite mountains, 2510 feet to be exact!

Revisiting familiar pastures creates a full circle of time, reflecting on the last time you were somewhere naturally questions where you are, have you grown? have you developed those magical skills you’ve been gifted with? is your soul shining brightly?

As I sat at the bridge near the bottom of the mountain I was aware, that physically I was sat there on my own watching the trickling stream flow under the bridge and out to the beautiful sea but mentally I was different. I didn’t have the thoughts I once had , or the emotions churning up through my body, my base chakra was grounded and my heart chakra was well and truly open and as I continued to sit there I realised that yes time had passed but so had the water under the bridge and with that I smiled, the mountain I had just climbed had changed everything, it gave me certainty, strength, raw power and most importantly highlighted my happiness.

My total destruction that occurred 12 months before had not been in vain, the dissection of everything I knew had not been wasted, my soul smiled that day, I felt it warm my spirit and light up my face.

Change is good always.