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Accessing within

Happy New Year!

2022 is very much welcome in my world, after surviving a month of covid before Christmas and still feeling the affects, a distraction of newness is greatly received. I’ve had various people asking me what I’ve got planned this year and the truth is………absolutely nothing. That’s right, I’ve no places to be, no one to meet and nothing booked.

I feel very liberated by this, as the year kicks off there’s a feeling that 2022 could be very exciting and I’m so looking forward to the journey of the unknown.

We kicked off the year with a beautiful full wolf moon, inviting us to come back home, to our hub, our security and roots. What we find there is familiarity and comfort, sitting in this will help us to have awareness of gratitude but also remind us that here we are safe, here we are loved and here we can return.

Spread your wings, create your world, play out your truth but always remember to touch base with the beginning!

Try not to make too many plans this year, go with the flow and see where it takes you.


When I think of #stillness I think of the gracious Stag, the dewy eyes, the steaming nostrils, the glorious antlers. The stillness that encompasses the stag when caught in headlights is mesmerising, it’s almost hypnotising, it’s only happened to me once on a long journey up to Scotland with my brother years ago winding round country lanes taking no notice of our surroundings just wanting to ‘get there’ with a real impatience and then out of nowhere there was a stag inches away from the car bonnet, that moment right there has lasted a lifetime!

Do we ever create that stillness just on it’s own? It is something so simple and affective yet not many engage with it’s captivating power, so this month I challenge you all to start being still, take time each day to have 15 minutes of stillness, just look out the window or go and sit outside (wrap up before doing this one!)and do absolutely nothing. Free your mind and your body from everything, then see what comes up. I find when altering my daily routines I like to keep a reflective diary so I’m promoting this also, write down your stillness moments and see what flows your way!

This month we are finding ourselves in a second lockdown and to soften the blow I have spent some time creating a weekly schedule for meditation, check out the #4weekmembership page and join the Indigo community. All sessions are online and vary in time, but I guarantee there will be a day and time that suits everyone.

Look after each other in the next phase of time, create peace and calm, try new things, read, walk and most importantly stay connected.

Peace and Love.


When September comes around………….

Is your light shining brightly? After months of dullness it’s time to sparkle and revel again, let’s begin to peel away the layers that we have barricaded ourselves in and make way for new experiences, fresh ideas and transformation into this new way of living.

Breaking free from old habits and structure is scary, it will take you to places you’ve not been before but the impact of connecting with yourself is a force that will ignite that inner energy column and propel you into another world.

There is no better time to learn how to meditate, it’s not just for us hardcore tree huggers, shamanic drummers and turnip shoe wearers it is an essential life skill that everyone should engage with in their lifetime.

Take your pick on how and where, then practice everyday and keep practicing until you feel the change.

I’m offering both online and live meditation sessions, online courses and workshops to help guide you to fulfilment and freedom, start at the beginning and keep things simple, work with what you have and build as you flow.

‘If you don’t go within, you go without!’

Keep checking in for Indigo news and updates.

We have been given this time for a reason!

Embrace these moments of lockdown, surrender your flight mode, look around you, your surroundings, your creation. This is your life, happy?

Now is a unique time of existence, whilst the earth rests we can reflect on what is awake. Allow yourself to bring quality into the moments that are normally rushed, bring depth into learning that is normally shallow, love with all your heart instead of half, explore every corner of you and your family, share everyone’s story and what they have within them, unveil the magic, then sit back and reflect on what you have created over the years, months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds. Feel proud for what you’ve achieved, fill your space with warmth, love, strength and resilience, we are making history, we are uniting as a whole to overcome this challenge we have not chosen but been given.

We may never experience these times again!

Finally I can see a blue sky!

That was a long winter but then I think every winter is long, I tend not to engage too much with the season as it’s my least favourite, I love clear skies, sunshine and if I’m lucky enough sand between my toes.

So a new season is finally upon us and we are most definitely returning to the light, there has been a lot of emphasis on this personally as I have survived a real dark zone, loosing my friend spiralled me down a hole but what I did learn is  that everyone has periods in their life where they will feel low, its not a crime, it’s natural. What matters is how we deal with those feelings, how we react and communicate the real cause. Talking is the single most effective way of beginning to heal yourself, keep talking to each other, it really isn’t done enough!

Indigo has been busy leading into March, I’ve been working on a few projects that are slowly starting to come together ready to share with you all! I’ve been back in the recording studio, planning a new business event, started a new psychotherapy course  and my diary for bookings this year is the busiest it’s been.

There is so much to look forward to not just for me and my business but in life, it’s there for the taking and I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to make the sacrifices, make a plan and go for it.

Enjoy the light x 

the future of meditation?

I had a future vision a few years back of how we need to merge technology with meditation, even though I thoroughly enjoy the earthy tones and roots of group work, I know eventually this will not be enough.

So when I was presented with a meditation ORRB event it was a ‘must see’ for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the space and depth inside the ORRB, the light complimented whatever chakra was being worked on and there was a small visual display unit that you could flow with if you didn’t want to close your eyes.

It was positive, it was different and I’m interested in exploring it further.

But for now……………I have some new times for my ‘Indigo Breathe’ course @BodyMechanix in Harpenden,

Starting Tuesday 12th November, 8.00pm-9.00pm and Thursday 14th November 10.00am-11.00am, please contact me to book your place!

I will be releasing another retreat date for the New year very soon!

Until then, stay calm, stay focused and be happy x