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New Workshop 2019

Finally I have had some time to set up my workshops for the new year, the first one ‘Manifesting Intentions 2019’ is making its debut on the 30th December 2018, what better way to start the year than clearing away the debris from the last 12 months and refreshing the mind, body and soul.

There are still a few places left so please contact me for more details.

My #Freedomfromfear and #Calmclouds projects are also building momentum which I’m really excited about, as I feel both will really help all types of people to overcome their anxieties and fears in a way which promotes self awareness and self confidence.

In the mean time it’s approaching December, every time I open my front door there is an Amazon man standing there, you can’t get parked anywhere, my children are adding to their Christmas list daily and I’ve purchased far too many sparkly tops (and only one night out booked so far), yes the craziness is on it’s way!

Remember to breath and take time out as and when you need, don’t allow yourself to burn out to early, listen to your mind and your body always!


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The truth behind positive thinking is all about manifesting your ideas and then sending them out to the universe!

‘What we think, we become!’Buddha

Try this little exercise, think of what you want to focus on right now, right in this moment, write what it is e.g career, love, health. Take some quiet time to yourself and promote deep breathing, whilst your breathing connect to your word, let the inhale absorb your word, let your exhale diminish any other thoughts, focus each and every breath on what you truly desire, let this be your focus and your guidance, then place this word within your heart chakra.

‘Once we have consciously manifested our true focus we can accept the rewards with gratitude and peace’IH17.