One of the UK’s leading Holistic Consultants, Victoria enables people to introduce a variety of therapies into their everyday lives, focusing on inner energies and meditation.

When faced with challenges, some unexpected, her work allows deep healing to take place and as a result of her expertise and experience creates a safe environment to transition through any challenge with ease.

At present her #Meditation Sessions and #Breathwork are her main focus, helping to educate everyone with some simple exercises and creating a toolkit to help with a spiralling mind. Her latest workshop #Freedomfromfear, is also a focal point working with individuals to release their fears and combat anxiety. Both have allowed her to incorporate all her skills and develop her new ones which include #Mindfulness, #Breathwork and #Depression Management.

Victoria’s main focus for 2020 is her work with the breath, the mind and the chakras, reaching out to anyone who  is ready  to combat the fear within, make the relevant changes and moving forwards to live a life of fulfilment.

Meditation, Breathwork, Energy healing