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Happy New Year!

2022 is very much welcome in my world, after surviving a month of covid before Christmas and still feeling the affects, a distraction of newness is greatly received. I’ve had various people asking me what I’ve got planned this year and the truth is………absolutely nothing. That’s right, I’ve no places to be, no one to meet and nothing booked.

I feel very liberated by this, as the year kicks off there’s a feeling that 2022 could be very exciting and I’m so looking forward to the journey of the unknown.

We kicked off the year with a beautiful full wolf moon, inviting us to come back home, to our hub, our security and roots. What we find there is familiarity and comfort, sitting in this will help us to have awareness of gratitude but also remind us that here we are safe, here we are loved and here we can return.

Spread your wings, create your world, play out your truth but always remember to touch base with the beginning!

Try not to make too many plans this year, go with the flow and see where it takes you.

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