I rise, I breath & I restablish myself once again…..

The continuous flow of life we go through is not given the justice it deserves, I’ve noticed that during the past few months I have began to live in a different way, start each day with a different routine and listen carefully to me. Something I have been unfamiliar with during my 45 year existence!

The peaceful mornings have gradually taken over my endless late nights and I have surprised myself (as well as everyone who knows me) to find a real heart felt connection with each new day, each waking dawn and every first ray of light. It is a beautiful time of the day and one which I cherish, what I love most is each one is different, each one reveals a different vibe and each one peels away another layer.

As we progress and unfold into our new lives, remember to continue with the new routines you have created for yourself, keep them close as they have guided you through the darkest hours, visit them often and merge them with your new ones.

Starting from Monday I’m delivering a series of my ‘#Morning Rise’ #meditations to embrace the ending and welcoming the beginning of new light, new strength and new energy. Join me every Monday from 6.30am on Insight Timer.

Stay calm and connected.


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