soul awakening

Can you feel it? Can you smell it? Can you see it?

We are emerging into a new era, it has been the longest time or so it seems, but I can see the beginning of the end. The sun has blessed us yet again with it’s powerful presence, and for me that’s all I need to feel my soul awakening.

The sun bears the significance of light, of warmth, of colour, it ignites nostalgia of summer’s gone by, endless evenings outside and today hope for the future.

We have all been evolving quietly behind the scenes, but soon we will reconnect once more, how do you feel about that? I have mixed emotions, part of me wants everything to stay the same but there’s a part of me that knows change must happen. I’m looking forward to having more input into the changes in my life, and for my family, we haven’t excelled or remained stagnant during this time but we have connected on a different level, with each other, with nature and with simplicity.

As my soul blossoms from the waves of new energy, I need to remind myself of my own journey, remind yourself of yours, reconnect slowly there’s no rush! Give yourself some time to unfold into this new light, taking each day as it comes.

We all know now that time is a great healer, allow time to guide you organically through this next chapter.

If you need some additional guidance with this please get in touch! Face to face and online healing are now available, as are meditation sessions.

Peace and Love

Victoria x

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