When I think of #stillness I think of the gracious Stag, the dewy eyes, the steaming nostrils, the glorious antlers. The stillness that encompasses the stag when caught in headlights is mesmerising, it’s almost hypnotising, it’s only happened to me once on a long journey up to Scotland with my brother years ago winding round country lanes taking no notice of our surroundings just wanting to ‘get there’ with a real impatience and then out of nowhere there was a stag inches away from the car bonnet, that moment right there has lasted a lifetime!

Do we ever create that stillness just on it’s own? It is something so simple and affective yet not many engage with it’s captivating power, so this month I challenge you all to start being still, take time each day to have 15 minutes of stillness, just look out the window or go and sit outside (wrap up before doing this one!)and do absolutely nothing. Free your mind and your body from everything, then see what comes up. I find when altering my daily routines I like to keep a reflective diary so I’m promoting this also, write down your stillness moments and see what flows your way!

This month we are finding ourselves in a second lockdown and to soften the blow I have spent some time creating a weekly schedule for meditation, check out the #4weekmembership page and join the Indigo community. All sessions are online and vary in time, but I guarantee there will be a day and time that suits everyone.

Look after each other in the next phase of time, create peace and calm, try new things, read, walk and most importantly stay connected.

Peace and Love.


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