BHI- Body Holography Interpreter @ Indigo Holistics

After years of meditating and experimenting with mindfulness I have finally made a connection and am currently enjoying engaging with a growth mindset, its only taken me 20 years!!

Just last week I had a moment at the local swimming baths,whilst watching my children, I’d reached a point where I needed to retreat but was not in a position to do so, I sat in the midst of swimming lesson chaos and meditated using awakening base chakra breath and since then my outlook has changed (well for the mean time). I have got my most recent conquest to thank for allowing me to tap into my inner self as and when it’s needed rather than waiting for a clear run so I can have space etc etc. The time is now and when you need a moment you must take it.

This higher level of healing is propelling myself and my teachings into another orbit, the energy that is created through the treatment is created with real conviction, it allows you to eliminate what no longer serves you and transports you back onto your pathway.

Contact me for more details and check out the treatment page for more information.

Enjoy the Month of Love, be guided by what and who you love x


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