Inhaling 2019!

So the New Year has arrived and we are here again!

On a personal soul searching level last year was epic, the work I put in was worth it, even though  some parts were painful and some challenged me like I’ve never been challenged before. I learnt a lot about myself, my limits, my boundaries (I have very few), my loves and what makes me happy. I took the time to look within and see what was there, I pathed the way for passions to freely explore freedom and I embraced it all.

If I have just one piece of advice that I can give you from last year it would be to just ‘work on yourself’, listen to your needs, fulfil your desires, have the best people surrounding you and never stop dreaming.

This year……………well it’s going to also be epic!

I’ve kicked off this year with my #everydayimshuffling idea, giving people an insight into the different card decks I work with and hopefully inspiring people to start thinking about making some changes in their life for the better.

There’s plenty more happening so keep checking in.

Don’t forget to breath in the New Year, welcome everything that comes your way, it all happens for a reason.





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