Oh my, technology, you have held me prisoner all day but you have not managed to detain me for another second! Sometimes I have all these ideas, create all these wonderful possibilities in my mind, fulfil my dream to spread the love and happiness worldwide, then I realise it’s just me and a laptop, maybe a few gadgets also, but mainly just me.

I have managed to complete 3 out of 103 tasks today, better than 1 or 2!

One of the reasons I have this raw determination is I know it will help people and I want to reach out to a wider audience now, I want people to push a button and have somewhere to go when they need a break or just 5 minutes to breath, if my meditations can do that then I’ll be very happy indeed.

I now have two meditations on you tube, have a listen, like and please share if you feel someone would benefit from them.

Peace and Love x

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