It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day……………….

Even though the Summer to Autumn transition is my least favourite, I always feel a change coming my way. The cold morning chill and the warmth of the September sun bring with it new ideas, new energy and new jumpers!

The last quarter of the year will be my busiest and I’m glad of that, the new school term, birthdays, Christmas and much more. So I’m pleased I was able to have some time over the summer all to myself, I welcomed the peace once I realised it was there. I even climbed one of my favourite mountains, 2510 feet to be exact!

Revisiting familiar pastures creates a full circle of time, reflecting on the last time you were somewhere naturally questions where you are, have you grown? have you developed those magical skills you’ve been gifted with? is your soul shining brightly?

As I sat at the bridge near the bottom of the mountain I was aware, that physically I was sat there on my own watching the trickling stream flow under the bridge and out to the beautiful sea but mentally I was different. I didn’t have the thoughts I once had , or the emotions churning up through my body, my base chakra was grounded and my heart chakra was well and truly open and as I continued to sit there I realised that yes time had passed but so had the water under the bridge and with that I smiled, the mountain I had just climbed had changed everything, it gave me certainty, strength, raw power and most importantly highlighted my happiness.

My total destruction that occurred 12 months before had not been in vain, the dissection of everything I knew had not been wasted, my soul smiled that day, I felt it warm my spirit and light up my face.

Change is good always.


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