The journey of #selfdiscovery continues…………………

I knew it would happen, you set yourself all these good intentions and start the year off well, then boom the Autumn fashions are creeping in and my website hasn’t been updated since May!

Well I’ve been continuing my journey of #selfdiscovery¬†and I can honestly say without a doubt I am happier, a lot happier. Giving yourself time and working on yourself is what life is about, because from the happiness within creates a world of love and from that love, life just feels¬†better, calmer, flows with more ease, and what makes you feel that way is needed.

My meditation session last Sunday was about ‘Suppressing Passion’, firstly finding what you’re passionate about is important, what you do with it is equally as important but suppressing it can lead to manifestations within, which as I believe can lead to physical ailments, anxiety and depression. Do what you love, when you can, with whoever beside you, live and love passionately that way your heart will always be full and regret will be empty.

#AMANZI loving my reconnection with the water and looking forward to September when it all kicks off again.

Keep them peeled for NEW WORKSHOPS #calmclouds #changethefear #menandmotors

Peace and Love


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