@ommagazine, Anxiety article for #indigomind #indigoholistics

I am over the moon with having my anxiety article published in the #ommagazine, it not only has allowed me to share my expertise it has enabled me to spread the word about this soul destroying problem that cripples so many of us yet still remains unspoken. Just through sharing it on social media I have been overwhelmed with personal stories and messages for further guidance.
This was the exact impact I was hoping for and another opening for my latest work with #indigomind, a branch of #indigoholistics that is fast becoming my main source of work, changing people’s mindset in a positive way through holistic therapies and meditation.

If you any anyone you know needs support or guidance with anxiety, panic attacks or fear please do not hesitate to contact me.

Take care of each other x


Anxiety Article, #indigomind @ommagazine

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