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Never Stop Dreaming!

I often say to people ‘when you stop dreaming you stop living’, why can’t we all have a dream to work towards? We have goals and targets so why not a dream? Is it because the word ‘dream’ creates a vision of magical unicorns and fairy sparkles of another realm , that have no substance […]

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Destress and relax with our Holistic Therapies, training and consultancy services.

Holistic Healing

Holistic Therapies, including massage and Reiki.

Holistic Training

Training therapists in various alternative therapies.

Holistic Consult

Working with businesses to help them analyse and grow their holistic venture.

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Indigo Holistic provides people and businesses the opportunity to incorporate alternative therapies into their everyday lives and companies. Read about Indigo Holistics and Victoria Mcdermott.